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Welcome to All Ethical

Looking for some fabulous vegan shoes or an ethically made accessory? You’ve come to the right place. All Ethical has done all the work for you by showcasing the best animal free products the internet has to offer.

The move towards conscious consumerism is rising as we all realise the power our spending habits have. If you aim to have a more ethical approach in what you buy you can rest assured that we have only included vendors that match with our ethos.

Meet The Founder

Hi I’m Claire , the founder of www.AllEthical.com

I was so lucky that at the age of twelve when I came home and said I wanted to be a vegetarian I was allowed. Not only that, my family joined in with me! Through the years that followed I stopped drinking cows milk, opting for coconut milk instead. I hadn’t really taken on board the cruelty involved in the dairy industry. It was when I became a mother and had a strong desire to feed and nourish him that I had that lightbulb moment to follow a vegan diet. How devastating it must be to have your newborn taken away.

I’m a journalism graduate and a fan of vegan brands (especially shoes!) so www.Allethical.com is a combination of my passions and my skillset. There are so many fabulous vegan brands out there but they can be tricky to find. They’re all here in one place so we can promote them and help them grow.

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