Vegan Dating: How to Be Patient and Not Compromise Your Beliefs While Dating a Non-Vegan

Vegan dating

In order to be vegan, you have to be a lot of things. You have to be uncompromising, asking questions in restaurants and scouring every food label for the slightest hint of an animal product. At home, you only keep vegan products on hand, from your kitchen pantry to your wardrobe. And, in a perfect world, you’d date someone with the same beliefs.

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What is Greenwashing?


What is greenwashing?

In this modern age the consumer is expecting more and more from the companies that they buy from. They understand that the money they spend has power and will pay more for ethical products. There are plenty of companies out there that are rightly proud of their own green and ethical status, but is everything as it seems? Greenwashing is something that exists within the commercial world but what is it and what does it mean?

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4 Ethical Fashion Style Pieces You Will Need for The Winter

emerging ethical brands

4 Ethical Fashion Style Pieces You Will Need for The Winter

Hello, I’m Anna Nuttall. A blogger based in London UK. I usually write about fashion and lifestyle.  I’m never too far away from fashion! I’m always wondering in and out of fashion high street shops, I spend most evenings surfing all the designer’s fashion websites. I enjoy wandering around London and finding new boutique and curling up in a coffee house reading the latest vogue, I love trying out new makeup and cosmetic and I’m a huge Lush user!

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Make Hay Web Design & Green Hosting – Meet Our Vendor

make hay

Make Hay Web Design & Green Hosting

In the latest of our ‘Meet Our Vendor’ series we had a chat with Vicky Stevens, Director of Make Hay, the ethical web designers & Green Hosting .  You might wonder what impact website hosting can really have. But the powering of data centres and cloud computing run on fossil fuels is coming close to rivaling the aviation industry as a major contributor to global carbon emissions. That is a big deal!


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