The Vegan Lifestyle is About More Than Food

When people think of a vegan lifestyle, they often get hung up on the idea that vegans are people who eat some kind of plant-based diet. Rarely do people move beyond what vegans eat to understand more completely what a vegan lifestyle is actually all about. It turns out vegans have a rich culture oriented around the environment and the ethical treatment of animals. The following are a few issues that are central to a vegan lifestyle.

The Lives of Animals Matter

Since vegans believe in the ethical treatment of animals, it only stands to reason that they want to promote the lives of animal species and thriving ecosystems rather than being a party to the downfall of these fundamental aspects of the natural world. By upholding the belief that other animal life forms are important to our planet, many vegans will refuse to wear clothing or footwear composed of animal products such as fur and leather.

Maintaining the Global Environment

Vegans take a special interest in ensuring that our planet maintains a life-sustaining environment suitable for all living creatures, not just themselves. This is approached from a number of different angles. One area of concern is in conserving natural resources. For this reason, many vegans believe in recycling in order to protect animals and the environment. And with the new, rapid growth in technology and ecommerce, more and more companies are using plastic for their products and packaging. Because of this, vegans often look to more sustainable brands to support using recycled products that are better for the environment. Many people who follow a vegan lifestyle also take other actions to conserve natural habitats that are threatened by overpopulation and overdevelopment.  

Opposing GMO Research

When scientists push to create genetically modified organisms (GMO), this deeply concerns vegans. A major reason for this concern arises from the fact that scientists do not necessarily know how GMO plants and animals will affect ecosystems and the global food supply. While the technique of genetically modifying organisms has been well-researched and perfected over time, this by no means ensures that the long-term results of introducing GMO plants and animals will be beneficial to the planet or our species.


When it comes to vegans, it is important to understand that the vegan diet is only one aspect of what it means to be a vegan. It’s also important to note that eating a vegan diet does not mean that a person necessarily lives the broader vegan lifestyle or adheres to the underlying vegan philosophy. However, many strict vegans exist, and they harbor a deep interest in the state of the planet and how its inhabitants are getting along in response to a variety of highly questionable human activities.

4 Vegan Products That Will Strengthen Teeth and Boost Your Smile

You may be wondering about how a vegan diet will affect your dental health. While you have limited your diet to specific food groups, there are a number of ways to ensure that your body gets the right nutrients needed to maintain strong teeth. It’s important to consume food products that are rich in calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A, and phosphorus. These four essential vitamins and minerals help make teeth stronger and more attractive. Calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D all help support a healthy tooth enamel. Vitamin A helps to boost mineral density and strengthen your gums.

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Traveling for Business? Here’s an On-the-Go-Guide for Eating Healthy

A healthy lifestyle takes discipline to maintain, and depending on the circumstance, it can be a challenge to uphold. During business travel, it may be particularly difficult to continue eating healthy due to a lack of available choices—this holds especially true for us vegans.

To preserve your healthy habits, you can do a number of things prior to your travels to minimize any food-related issues you may encounter on your trip. Here’s a look at making healthy eating choices while on the go.

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Real Vegans Live Green: Tips for Making the Switch

Vegans are known for their passion—passion for animals, passion for health, and passion for the earth. When it comes to going green, vegans have a natural advantage. Their lifestyle choices are often automatically eco-friendly, and making the switch to greener alternatives can be much simpler for vegans than it is for other people. There are many ways that vegans can further improve their carbon footprint and life a greener, healthier life.

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Why Tea Is the Best Thing You Can Add to Your Diet

tea diet

There’s nothing more soothing than a hot cup of tea after a long day. But tea isn’t just delicious – it’s also great for you. Tea is full of disease-fighting compounds that can help you live a long, healthy life. It’s calorie-free, and it comes in so many varieties you’re sure to find one you like. If you aren’t currently a tea drinker, these facts might convince you to become one.

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Rebel Kitchen Take On World Milk Day

The 1st June marks World Milk Day, or in Rebel Kitchen’s case World Mylk Day. They’re stepping up to offer a dairy-free alternative to the creamy white stuff, it’s thought that 65% of the world’s population are affected by a Lactose intolerance. Rebel Kitchen are making sure that they don’t miss out, with the first dairy alternative that tastes just like real milk.

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