Planning a Wedding? Save Money and the Environment with These Eco-friendly Tips

Planning a Wedding

Having an ethical wedding has many benefits. From doing your bit for the environment to supporting small business and going eco-friendly can also help with your wedding budget too.

Planning a Wedding

Daffodil Hotel and Spa have researched the best ways to have an eco-friendly wedding and save money too.

Planning a Wedding

Go Vintage

Finding the dress can feel like a mammoth task, particularly if you’re on a budget. Going for a vintage gown means you definitely won’t see any other brides in the same look, your dress won’t have a carbon footprint and you can really save yourself some cash.

Planning a Wedding

Cut Out Meat

Catering a wedding is one of the biggest expenses and contributors of CO2. Many weddings create wasted food as over catering is common.

To cut down on costs consider going vegetarian on your big day. Opting for vegetable-based dishes will certainly be more cost effective and going local will help cut down on the environmental impact even further.

Avoid Single Use Décor

We all want a special feel to our big day and decorations really help. However, favours are often expensive and go unused.

Consider scrapping the favours and any single use décor, opting for rentable alternatives or going for a more pared back look. You could also consider reusable cups to avoid single-use plastic and lots of washing up. If you’re doing your own catering, this could really cut costs.

Planning a Wedding

Home is Where the Heart Is

Weddings abroad have grown in popularity over recent years, but the cost can be really high. Not to mention the environmental impact of flying your guests all that way. Cut back on costs by staying close to home and hosting your wedding ceremony and party as close together as possible.

Similarly, honeymoons can have a big impact as well. Flying to Costa Rica from London will create 3,800kg of CO2 and cost a lot on top of the wedding itself. Instead, stay local and consider cosying up in a British hotel, enjoying the beautiful countryside and really relaxing.

Discover more helpful ideas to reduce the environmental impact and cost of your big day. Here is our Eco-Vegan Wedding Guide




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