Real Vegans Live Green: Tips for Making the Switch

Vegans are known for their passion—passion for animals, passion for health, and passion for the earth. When it comes to going green, vegans have a natural advantage. Their lifestyle choices are often automatically eco-friendly, and making the switch to greener alternatives can be much simpler for vegans than it is for other people. There are many ways that vegans can further improve their carbon footprint and life a greener, healthier life.

Start Shopping With Reusable Bags

Plastic shopping bags are a serious problem for many municipalities. They are difficult for many recycling facilities to accommodate because they have a tendency to clog machinery. This means they have to be diverted into landfills. Because plastic does not decompose, these bags end up drifting around the landscape.

Ditch the plastic bag habit by taking reusable bags shopping instead. These are generously sized and made from sturdy, durable materials. They are capable of holding much more than standard plastic bags, so you can pack more back home in a single trip.

Take Advantage of Government Programs

This is a great time to take advantage of government green incentive programs. There are opportunities to make energy-efficient improvements to your home, such as adding solar panels and getting energy-efficient windows. There are also energy efficient VA loans for those who served in the military, and other government energy incentives like tax credits, rebates, and savings. This is an ideal way to save money in the long run while drastically reducing your household’s overall carbon footprint.


Not all municipalities offer the same green incentive programs; you may need to check with your local council to see which apply to your specific area. As more and more people wish to take advantage of government green incentive programs, the availability of these options will continue to grow.

Eat More Local Produce

The countryside is full of fresh local produce that comes without the high markup of imported fruit and veg. Greens in particular are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals, but they have a tendency to lose these nutrients the longer they go from being harvested.

Eating locally is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. You avoid participating in an industry that relies heavily on fossil fuels for transportation. Although it is probably impractical to eat local produce exclusively all throughout the year, it is a nice habit to practice when you are able.

Vegans Are Naturally Green

There are lots of ways that vegans can make their chosen lifestyle even greener. Eliminating single use bags, seeking out green government incentives, and eating local are just three options to pursue.

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