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Sveta Longley runs Fresh Lifestyle, a Ringana UK partnership. We spoke to her about her business and how you can join. If you’re looking for a gorgeous vegan business opportunity this may be for you! 100% fresh products and 0% greenwashing.

What inspired you to begin a vegan / ethical business?

In what I now think of as my ‘previous life’ I worked as a digital marketing consultant for close on 10 years! That was at a range of companies and on both an employed and a freelance business. Looking back, the clear trend was that at every job I found myself complaining about how the work I was doing was out of alignment with my ethics and vision for life.

A big part of that was because I was working to help market brands that were based on tapping into trends for maximum profit rather than a genuine desire to help others or make a positive impact. I found that a really draining existence – and it eventually led to burnout and corresponding health issues, all on top of growing dissatisfaction with my ‘rat race’ life. I was sick of having to spend my entire weekend recovering from the previous week and psyching myself up for the week to come, so I started looking for a way out…

At that time, my priorities shifted towards improving my health – everything from diet & exercise to awareness of chemicals, plastic, pollution and the environment. It’s a journey that once started has no way back….

I wouldn’t say it’s easy – change is always hard – but it was so worthwhile to shift to looking for natural ways to cure my body. A big part of that was starting to look for chemical-free, truly actually natural (not in the marketing sense) products that wouldn’t mess with my body’s balance.

And that’s where accidentally (serendipitously??)  finding Ringana and now introducing it to the UK started…

Tell us about your business – how many people are in your team? What do you do? How long have you been in business?

The transition from employee to freelancer, to business owner and now to Ringana UK partner has literally altered my world and I know see it as a kind of evolutionary process that’s happened!

Until now I haven’t ever been truly free, which is actually the reason I decided to first go freelance. The reality of it was that rather than owning a business, my freelance business ended up owning me. It was really a case of working 80+ hours a week for myself to avoid working 40 hours a week for someone else!

I’ve been a Ringana partner for just over a year now, and, while the company will only officially enter the UK on the 10th of February (the UK Grand Opening) myself and my partner, James – and our UK team – have been working hard to introduce as many people as possible to the brand and the business.

We’re incredibly excited that the UK market is finally going to experience true freshness and have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get involved with a company that has an annual growth rate of 40-50% at the launch stage!



One of the best things about Ringana is that it’s a 21st century company that is redefining what work looks like.

‘Work’ is such a loaded term these days – something we see as a necessary evil that has to be put up with in order to afford the things we want to do in our limited free time. We’re all looking for work that aligns with our values and which offers two key thing:

  1. freedom and flexibility
  2. the income to live the life we aspire to

I can now finally say that freedom is just around the corner and I’ve never felt better about being the boss in my life while working with an ethical, award winning company that can proudly claim to be the only company in the world that produces fresh.


Freshness is the core aspect of the products and it’s that freshness that shaped the recommendation marketing system we have at Ringana.

The products are produced fresh on order and delivered straight to the customer anywhere in Europe. That means we never stock or store products and that no product ever reaches a customer more than 14 days after it was produced.

The best things about it is that when we recommend a product to someone it’s because we have used – and seen the benefits of – the product, which makes it a truly ethical recommendation-based system. The Ringana Fresh Partner system is designed to tap into that.

Ringana’s green heart and their genuine desire to create products that are respectful to nature, animals, employees, customers and partners alike never ceases to amaze me.


Ringana is unique in every way, not least because of the 100% philosophy on which the company was founded 21 years ago.

This is a company that started from a vision and only then thought about the products that would make that vision become a reality. Compare that to the majority of companies who create products to tap into rising trends. Veganism and the increasing consumer desire for ’natural products’ is the perfect example of this.

Huge marketing budgets are now being spent by brands trying to tap into the trend towards Conscious Consumerism. Contrast that with Ringana, who have been vegan and cruelty-free from day one, when they were founded 21 years ago.


That’s why the company says, ‘we don’t follow trends, we set them’.

The company is based on four ‘100%’ pillars – and it is to these pillars that Ringana’s incredible success and 40%+ annual growth can be attributed:

  • 100% Freshness
  • 100% Active ingredients
  • 100% Sustainability /consistency
  • 100% Ethics

The products are made from the highest-quality 100% fresh active ingredients using state of the art high-tech processes. It’s so high-tech that a fresh product goes from raw ingredient to finished product in 15 minutes!

The raw ingredients are harvested at optimum freshness to ensure maximum potency and are then externally tested at cellular level at the Dartsch Institute to ensure that there are no toxins or pollutants.

Ringana products are all 100% free from synthetic preservatives, solvents, mineral oils, fillers, artificial stabilisers and harmful substances such as parabens, fragrance, formaldehyde, PEG and SLS.

Because of the freshness-first philosophy and the absence of preservatives, Ringana can deploy extremely effective, antioxidant, actives substances that aren’t able to survive in products with preservatives and 3 year shelf lives. That’s why the company motto is Pure Ingredients. Genuine Effect.

And of course the products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and sustainably produced – from raw ingredient to biodegradable packaging.

What’s been your proudest moment in your business journey?

Being a part of this inspirational company right from the start and being one of the partners that has contributed to Ringana’s decision to officially launch in the UK!

I now have so many clients and team members who actually say thank you for introducing them to the company and the products!. It’s been life changing – and I can assure you that that’s not something that ever happens when you’re working at a marketing agency!

What in life makes you feel grateful?

The life I’m now able to live, my family and friends the people I work with and the company that’s made it all possible. It’s redefined the boundaries of impossible and it never ceases to inspire me.

But more importantly, it is my partner, (and now husband, James) – he’s the only person in the world that has supported all my initiatives (even the crazy ones…)

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

The lifestyle and freedom it offers while being able to make a tangible difference with a green business for which my customers, partners and nature is thankful.

Freedom has always been something I strove for – ask my parents! ?  And especially with moving to London, I’ve really discovered that life here is very different – it’s rushed and time always comes at a premium.

Really if you subtract all the time spent on commuting, cooking, working, cleaning etc there’s little to no time left. So I’m thankful for having discovered that there’s another way – and for being able to show others that.    

How can someone join as a Ringana Partner?

It’s the easiest thing in the world ?Simply get in touch with me directly on sveta@freshlifestyle.eu or visit our website at www.freshlifestyle.eu


What’s next on the horizon for your business? Anything exciting you would like to share?

The official opening is happening on February 10th at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow! That not only makes us proud that we got there but also extremely excited to finally have all the official infrastructure in place to create a green revolution in the UK!

The event is open to anyone looking to be part of the very beginning of something big so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for info about the opening!






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