Essiac Herbal Remedy – The Entire Story


In the 1920s Canadian nurse Rene (pronounced ‘Reen’) Caisse developed a herbal remedy that is believed to have a positive remedial action on cancer, and is also reputed to ease the effects associated with conventional chemotherapy treatment. The Canadian nurse named the formula essiac, which is a reversal of her surname. It is made by blending four commonly available herbs; Sheep sorrel (Rumux acetosella), Burdock (Arctium lappa), Slippery elm bark (Ulmus rubra) and Turkey rhubarb (Rheum polmatum) into a decoction. Rene opened a cancer clinic and treated hundreds of people that had been given up on by conventional medicine as terminally ill. At one point, she even took on the Canadian government for the right to do so. Her results were sometimes outstanding and, although she never claimed essiac was a cure for cancer, many of her patients did. Despite the wealth of anecdotal evidence supporting essiac as a remedy for cancer, it is alarming that a clinical trial has not yet been performed. Is this because at trade prices a year’s supply only costs £3.72?

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