Real Vegans Live Green: Tips for Making the Switch

Vegans are known for their passion—passion for animals, passion for health, and passion for the earth. When it comes to going green, vegans have a natural advantage. Their lifestyle choices are often automatically eco-friendly, and making the switch to greener alternatives can be much simpler for vegans than it is for other people. There are many ways that vegans can further improve their carbon footprint and life a greener, healthier life.

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7 Science-Based Health Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

Science-Based Health Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

Would you consider going vegan for completely selfish reasons?

The stereotypical vegan chooses to make this diet choice because they believe it’s unethical to eat animal products.

However, there are plenty of reasons to go vegan, even if you’re not particularly concerned with cruelty to animals. Veganism is beneficial for humans as well as the animals they aren’t eating.

There are plenty of science-backed theories, suggesting that a vegan diet can make you healthier, and therefore happier.

Here are 7 science-based health benefits of a vegan diet that can boost your health.

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Informed Answers to 6 Common Arguments Against Veganism

arguments against veganism

Meat eaters can get particularly defensive about what we vegans eat and why.

We’ve all been there.

Before you’ve said anything apart from kindly refusing a slice of their homemade cheesecake, you find yourself battered with questions and accusations.

Sometimes it comes as a shock, and we aren’t equipped to answer the arguments in an informed manner. Sometimes the best we can do is smile, nod, and fake lactose intolerance.

But those aren’t your only options. Here are some answers to 6 common arguments against veganism that you can use next time, which, let’s be honest, will probably be soon!

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A Guide To Vegan Booze

guide to vegan booze

When it comes to following a vegan lifestyle, many people will immediately associate it with food. However, you need to take far more into consideration than that. Vegan clothing, vegan beauty and vegan household products are all now readily available on the market, enabling you to live a vegan ethos in all areas of your life. One of the most commonly misunderstood products that people find when it comes to being a vegan is alcohol. Read on and find out everything you need to know, with our vegan booze guide.

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Vegan Nutrition – What Supplements Should I Take?

vegan nutrition

When it comes to nutrition for health, food is undoubtedly the ideal source of nutrients. However, there are some situations where your diet alone cannot provide enough of a particular nutrient. Vegetarianism or veganism is one such situation that can be extremely beneficial for wellbeing, but can also benefit from an extra helping hand from a few quality supplements.
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