Traveling for Business? Here’s an On-the-Go-Guide for Eating Healthy

A healthy lifestyle takes discipline to maintain, and depending on the circumstance, it can be a challenge to uphold. During business travel, it may be particularly difficult to continue eating healthy due to a lack of available choices—this holds especially true for us vegans.

To preserve your healthy habits, you can do a number of things prior to your travels to minimize any food-related issues you may encounter on your trip. Here’s a look at making healthy eating choices while on the go.

Choosing Accommodations

One of the best ways to handle disruptions to healthy habits is to reserve accommodations with a full kitchen. Of course, most hotel rooms don’t provide you with a full kitchen, so your cooking options are limited. But if you have access to corporate housing, then you can prepare a healthy meal within the comfort of your corporate suite.

This is an option that is also useful if your travels will last more than just a few days. Accommodations with a full kitchen can also save you money because it will be cheaper to buy your own food from a local grocery store than to dine out for every meal of your trip.

Planning Meals

In addition to locating a hotel with a kitchen, it is just as important to find a nearby grocery store before you leave. Although the nearest store may not be within walking distance, there are many ways to get the groceries you need.

The advent of grocery delivery services makes having healthy food at your door extremely easy. To make this step more efficient, it’s a good idea to plan out breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the days that you will be away from home. Once you have each meal planned, grocery shopping will be quick and easy because you will know what you need to look for or pack while travelling.

Packing Snacks

Another great way to plan your food is to make snacks ahead and pack them in your carry-on luggage or personal bag. These non-perishable snacks will come in handy at the airport, during your downtime between meetings, and while you’re out exploring the city. Snacks that are best to travel with are dried fruits and veggies, nuts, and fruit bars. They don’t require refrigeration and won’t spoil as quickly as fresh food would.

With minimal time and effort, healthy eating while travelling can be just as easy and enjoyable as it is when you’re home. While business trips can be time-consuming, proper planning can ensure that you have time to focus on your health—as well as your work.

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