What is Sustainable Living and How Can You Get Started?

Many people dream of being able to live simpler and being able to sustain themselves through the resources provided by the Earth. However, with technology advancing enough to take over our lives and everyone in a mad rush to get to their destinations, being able to “live off the land” is far into the past. Or is it?

What is Sustainable Living?

Sustainable living is a lifestyle choice to reduce our carbon footprint and have a more symbiotic relationship with the Earth. In basic terms, by changing certain aspects of our lives, such as transportation or where we source our food, we can reduce the number of natural resources we use and help the environment.

How can we create a lifestyle of sustainable living?

How to Get Started

There are several ways that we can create a sustainable lifestyle. Changing our mode of transportation from driving to biking or walking, gardening, eating local and/or organic foods, and getting energy from more sustainable sources are all ways we can start living sustainably.


Building a garden, even a small one, can go a long way toward a sustainable lifestyle. You can grow your own fruit, veggies, and herbs, and even plant a few fruit trees or berry bushes in the backyard. If you live in an apartment, you can grow herbs and a few veggies too through container gardening.

Eating Locally

If you can’t start your own garden, chances are there is a farmer’s market nearby. Sourcing your veggies and fruits to local farms boosts your local economy. You can get not only produce from a farmer’s market, but honey, fresh eggs, and jam as well. In case you can’t, try to at least source your food from vegan and ethical shops that focus on making their processes as sustainable and safe to the environment as possible.

Sustainable Home Improvement

The government also offers some clean energy incentives for homeowners thinking about doing a little updating. Installing solar panels has become cheaper to accomplish through grants and tax breaks, depending on the state. If you are a veteran, you may qualify for a VA energy efficiency mortgage, or EEM. Solar-powered water heaters work just as well as commercial heaters without using fossil fuels. Even installing a low-flush toilet can reduce the amount of water used. Check with your government agency what clean energy incentives they offer to homeowners.


Sustainable living is a lifestyle that can help both you and the environment. Eating locally, building a small garden, and even updating your home to run on cleaner energy are different ways to start living sustainably. It’s not hard to get started, and the benefits are numerous.

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